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Total Immersion is always looking out for new talent.  The minimum requirements to be considered for a technical position in each division are listed below.  If you feel you meet these requirements and are looking to work for an organization that will give you a high degree of latitude and respect while working in an environment surrounded by the best in your field, please fill out the form below.  Applications that do not meet the minimum requirements will be discarded.
All positions require solid work experience in their field.  Although occasionally we have an opportunity for exceptional individuals to enter the computer consulting arena through paid and unpaid internships, those positions are almost always brought to our attention by an existing employee.  All Total Immersion employees are required to be without any criminal history and to be of exceptional moral character.  All positions also require a commanding grasp on the English Language.  Foreign applicants with appropriate supporting work documentation are welcomed openly but must be able to communicate with exceptional lucidity and clarity to other members of the team and to our clients.
All technical positions require at least 4 years of consulting or industry practical experience in their desired job function.   All technical applicants must also be prepared to demonstrate exceptional practical knowledge of their technology during the interview process.  Divisionally specific requirements are as follows:
Total Immersion Software:  Applicant must have a relative mastery of at least two currently deployable programming languages.  Applicant must also be fluent in two other languages that are still prevalent.   Applicant must have enough project experience to be effective in correctly estimating the time and resource requirements to complete various tasks.
Total Immersion Support:  Applicant must have relative mastery of Microsoft Windows in both client and server platforms in all versions.  Applicant must also have exceptional knowledge of IIS, SQL Server and Exchange.   In lieu of Microsoft knowledge, applicant may be a relative master in either Novell Netware (all versions) and GroupWise or have relative mastery in at least two distinct flavors of Unix.  Applicant must have a solid grasp of physical layer infrastructure including wiring, routing and switching in addition to TCP/IP addressing and routing.  Applicant must have a proven track record and be able to demonstrate a genuine gift for systems troubleshooting and support.  Applicant must also be able to demonstrate exceptional client and open issue management skills.
Total Immersion Solutions:   Applicant must have and be able to demonstrate on demand a complete mastery of Client/Server environments including the entire Microsoft BackOffice Suite, at least two distinct flavors of Unix, all relevant physical layer protocols and devices, network and systems security and must have some solid programming experience.  Applicant must also be able to prove a genuine talent for translating business problems into technological solutions.  Applicant must also be able to prove an ability to examine a problem or potential solution from all sides and display its potential ramifications.
Total Immersion Security: Applicant must have a complete mastery of network security including a complete understanding of IP protocols and routing in addition to strong work experience managing security solutions in complex Enterprises.  Applicant must also have solid experience in managing client/server or host-based systems and understand the design and impact of server-side controls.  Any applicant hoping to display his or her prowess by attempting to hack any system will be reported to the FBI and Interpol and will be met with the harshest extent of the law.
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Total Immersion is an equal opportunity employer and takes great pride in the diversity of its employees.  We feel that the unique life experiences that each employee brings to the table helps strengthen our organization and provides a depth of perspective to our work product that is invaluable to our clients.